We offer services for both employees and employers.  

Read up on what employment law is, how it affects you, and how we can protect your legal rights.



If you feel you have been the victim of unlawful practices by your employer, we can help you explore and defend your rights as an employee. Our legal guidance and representation addresses issues ranging from wrongful termination and unemployment benefits to breach of contract and sexual harassment. We also have thorough expertise in employment law as it relates to the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, the Whistleblower’s Act and the Prevailing Wage Act.



We also help preserve and protect the rights of employers, from small business owners to large corporations. Thanks to a background in human resource management and psychology, coupled with 25 years of experience in employment law, we can help you avoid liability and effectively handle it when it does happen. With a thorough understanding of employer-employee relationships, we address such issues as policy development, severance agreements and employee handbooks.