For Employees



If you need to take action against the unlawful practices of an employer, or if you just need to know what your rights are concerning your employment, contact the Law Office of Stark and Heiner.

We offer legal guidance and representation in the following areas:

The Law Office of Stark & Heiner has over 25 years of legal experience representing Employees in State/Federal Court, at the Unemployment Office (Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance), at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD), and at the Civil Service Commission, as well as other State Agencies.

Upon contacting our office, you will be greeted by a cordial and respectful Assistant, who will help you in scheduling a time to meet with Attorney Michael Heiner. During the consultation, Mr. Heiner will listen as you explain the facts of the case. He will ask you questions in order to get a deeper understanding of your situation, and then explain to you what your legal rights are. Mr. Heiner will explain to you all of your options, and work with you in strategizing your next steps. Typical options include:

  • Not Proceeding
  • Informal Negotiations
  • Formal Litigation


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