Mediation promotes a fair resolution to both the emotional and material issues of divorce. Look to us for help through it all.

The purpose of Divorce Mediation is to conclude a marriage in the most amicable manner possible.  Mediation is the process in which a neutral mediator facilitates the resolution of issues surrounding children and the division of marital assets.  Mediation is most successful for couples who are willing to make a good faith effort to reach an agreement collaboratively.

The specific benefits derived from Mediation are enormous, and include efficiency, cost effectiveness, and fairness to both parties.

Voted Best in Mediation in the Consumer’s Choice Competition, and equipped with a background in Psychology, Attorney Stark integrates 25 years of divorce experience with insight and fairness in his approach to every case. Attorney Heiner continues that mission today, backed by more than a decade of legal experience.


Couples attend between three and five mediation sessions on average.  During these sessions, the parties reach consensus on the issues involved with the dissolution of the marriage.  Required paperwork is generated, signed, and filed with the court.  A single hearing is required, which often lasts less than 15 minutes.


Given the brevity and non-adversarial nature of Divorce Mediation in Massachusetts, the total cost can be significantly less than the cost of each spouse retaining separate divorce attorneys.


Above and beyond the benefits of both time and cost, Mediation promotes a fair resolution to both the emotional and material issues of divorce.  By reducing the amount of conflict exhibited between divorcing parties, Mediation can minimize the emotional impact on all individuals involved, especially children.

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